Ecommerce Customers

Clearly there is a huge amount of ecommerce activity occurring, which means is there’s a vast amount of potential for the growth of your online store.

Today, when you think about something you might want or need, you immediately grab your phone or sit down at a laptop computer. You click the search bar and type in a few words that link you to an endless stream of information about products and services.

Ecommerce and internet access is such a part of everyday life today, that most of us take it completely for granted. In fact, it is only when we are outside areas where we have cellphone reception that we realize how internet-dependant we all are.

As an ecommerce development agency, we are always looking to the horizon for how the ecommerce space is evolving. Some of the latest ecommerce trends in 2019 are well worth knowing about and being prepared for.

Ecommerce Statistics to know in 2019

  • In 2019, it has been 28 years since the internet was opened for ecommerce and online shopping in 1991.
  • Today, 21.8% of the World’s population buys online, and over 79% of Americans shop online either on a website or via their smartphone.
  • It is estimated that over 80% of consumers today make buying decisions through online research and via social media influence.
  • On top of this, 97% of consumers will trust online reviews about products and services, even if they don’t know the person making the recommendation.
  • In 2019 the number of cell phone users is forecast to reach 4.68 billion. In the US, over 95% of the population has a cellphone that can connect to the internet.
shopping online

Shopping Apps

One of the biggest shifts in the ecommerce landscape is the move to app-based purchases. Amazon has the most shopping app engagement, with 75% of smartphone users shopping via their app. This is followed by Walmart’s app reaching 44%, eBay reaching 31% and Target reaching 23%. This means rather than go to a website via a browser, users are staying inside the app of a specific company more and more.

Subscription Ecommerce

The ability to simply subscribe to a product or service is becoming more a part of everyday life. McKinsey reports that 15% of consumers have now signed up for a recurring subscription or repurchasing program. Some brands have been able to increase their revenue between 100% up to 350% via the use of subscription services.

Many brands are exploring the concept of offering a discount for automatic re-ordering or for a longer commitment period. This is as true for digital media services (such as Spotify or Netflix) as well as consumer goods sites such as Amazon.

As the ecommerce landscape continues to evolve, we must see these changes as part of the new reality. There are so many exciting ways to connect with and add value to our customers today. All it takes is understanding the mindset and behaviors of the ecommerce customer.